About Me

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Welcome. I'm June Archer.

I believe that we have the power to change our lives when we change our perspectives and my goal is to help you do just that.

I wasn't always a motivational teacher. I was kinda in the music business. OK...not kinda; I was deep in the music industry. I worked my way up from winning in school singing contests to winning contests at the world famous Apollo Theatre. I went from singing in a driveway in Windsor, Connecticut to signing a major record deal in New York City. I went from reporting to the president of a record label to becoming the president of a record label. I went from working with unsigned artists careers to working with the likes of Jay Z and Russell Simmons.

How? I changed my perspective to gain my accomplishments in life. You see, all of those things I mentioned before, they weren't handed to me. Doors closed on me but I saw the alternative side to it and knew it meant that other doors were going to open for me.

So here I am 2 published books later, former major record label executive, owner of a marketing company, and motivational teacher. All I am saying is if you view things differently, you will have a better chance at success.

June Archer and Russell Simmons Photo
Me and Music Mogul/Entrepreneur Russell Simmons
June Archer and Dr. Eric Thomas Photo
Me and Motivational Speaker Dr. Eric 'ET' Thomas
June Archer and Russell Simmons Photo
Me and Academy Award Winning Actor Denzel Washington
Professional Bio

Everyone wants to know the secrets to happiness. Author June Archer lets us in on the secrets in his new book, "Yes! Every Day Can Be a Good Day". Currently at the helm of a growing multimedia marketing company as President and CEO of ELEVEN28 ENTERTAINMENT, June Archer got his first exposure to the industry on the music scene behind the microphone. He soon realized that his dream would soon become a reality by successfully impacting the industry behind the scenes. Most recently he has added the credit of Executive Producer to his name with reality shows "The Docu-Tape" and "Behind The Unsigned" shows debuted on Fuse TV. He also co-produced motivational pre-game content for Sunday NFL Countdown on ESPN. With June's combined musical talents, experience in the entertainment industry and commitment to community, he is reaching for the stars and encouraging others to join him. "No goal is ever out of reach," June says. "Once you've realized your dream, that doesn't mean you stop. It just means you dream bigger."