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The June Archer School of Arts (JASA) brings real-world experience into the classroom by allowing students to interact with established recording artists, writers, filmmakers, and multimedia artists. Our STEAM curriculum is designed for engagement and student learning objectives: college prep, career identification, financial literacy, reading comprehension, and Social-Emotional Learning.

The Science of Sound - DJ-ing

The Science of Sound is a hands-on introduction course into the everchanging DJ (Disc Jockey) world. This course will introduce students to the history of DJing while exposing them to DJs in the real world, DJ technology, and technique. Students who complete “The Science of Sound” course will have learned the basics of DJing, develop a mixtape, and create a plan to expand their DJing skills and/or develop their DJing business.

Inside the Music Business

Inside the Business of Music course is an introductory course focusing on the many behind the scene careers in the music business: Marketing, Promotions, Publishing, Artist Development, Artist & Repertoire (A&R), Licensing and Contract Negotiation. This course will provide students with the necessary tools to navigate through a sustainable career in the music and entertainment industry. Students who complete the “Inside the Business of Music” course will develop and present a record label and artist into the music industry.

Intro to Graphic Design

This course will introduce students to the theory and topography of the graphic design industry. Students will learn how to develop digital media that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and attractive to possible clients. Students who complete the “Intro to Graphic Design” course will have created their own brand and developed a series of marketable deliverables. In addition, students will have the opportunity to develop logos for upcoming artists and DJ’s.

Fundamentals of Filmmaking & Photography

This course will introduce students to the basics of filmmaking & photography. Students will get to create and analyze moving images, to produce research, and to make art. They will learn about the process of screenwriting, storyboarding, casting, scouting locations, filming, editing, and marketing their work.