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Meet June


How a young man from a small town called Windsor, Connecticut, became internationally known and respected... 


Windsor was not known as a hardcore place to grow up. In fact, back in the days when you got upset at someone, you found creative ways to settle your differences. 

Picture this... school dance, everybody comes out dressed up. I found out some kid had a crush on my favorite cousin and I didn't like it.  Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ comes on. I’m frustrated and I’m saying you know what?... I’m going to battle this guy. That’s how we’re going to settle it. Everybody’s asking me how did you learn the moves from Michael and I’m staring at myself in disbelief baffled as well but I wasn’t trying to lose. I didn’t want him for my cousin. I was doing my thing but so was the enemy until we both got tired and called a TRUCE - saying we need to do some things together. Since that day, we became life long friends so much so that we started a group, a singing group called Junior Edition ( because we couldn’t be New Edition).


My new friend was one year ahead of me and when he went to high school, he told me when I get there I had to join a glee club called the 'Jazz Show Choir'. When I did, it turned out to be the most amazing thing to me because although education is great, song and dance was the first class of the day; I’m all for that! But I never thought that what I was doing at that time would change my life forever.

"Sometimes we tend to take a situation, whether bad, good or indifferent and block our own blessings. Why?
Because we can’t see 5 years from now, 10 years, 15, 20…"


Because my friend told me about glee club, we ended up on this journey where we started lip syncing, singing and dancing, and it started to become serious. Two more guys were down with the cause and joined us.

In 90 degree weather, day in and day out, we would lip sync the New Edition lyrics and perform the dance steps while the kids in the neighborhood that would stand and watch us would yell negative comments at us telling us that no one from Windsor is going to make it. It didn’t discourage us though, throughout high school, we kept up the endurance until one day when we found an opportunity to a part of a showcase. The prize for the showcase was you would win a chance to go on and perform at the world-famous Apollo Theater.


We battled our hearts out that day and ended up taking first place. In second place, there was a young lady who is still a friend of mine today is known for her talents in the movie 'Dream Girls' and the voice of the first Disney African-American princess in 'The Princess and the Frog'. She goes by the name of Anika Noni Rose and I share that with you because it doesn’t matter if you come in first, second, third or if you come in last, how far you want to go in life depends on you.


Me and the boys go on to the Apollo Theater and we win first place. For 20 straight times, week after week, trying to figure out how we were going to get gas money, parents and friends telling us we shouldn’t take this music thing seriously, get a job, go to school, but we remained so focused. 

From the Apollo Theater came the major recording deal as 'Room Service'. We went on tour, record was out, we traveled the world, meeting famous people. I'm saying to myself, we’re in all major music magazines. We were on BET, VH1, MTV (when they used to play videos), not realizing what the next steps were going to be.


"All of a sudden the classic VH1 story happens, too much, too fast, too soon, too young, life as a music artist is over…"


So I dove back into Corporate America and one day my manager comes to me and she asks to speak with me. You know that movie where it rewinds all the way back to the beginning where you’re trying to figure out where all the clues are? Yeah, I was going through that in my head at that very moment.  I know I didn’t do anything wrong.


She sits me down and says “June, I know you’re wondering why I asked you in here”. She says, "after today I want you to give in your two week notice.You didn’t do anything wrong; in fact, you’re doing everything you’re supposed to do. However, you don’t belong here. You’re going through the motions and this is not the place for you." She was watching me throughout my time there and she saw that I had dreams and ambitions outside of those walls.

Once again, something that comes along in life that can be an obstacle but if looked at from a different perspective could be a blessing.


A few months later, I’m the executive director at a major music company. I’m placing music for Jay Z, Beyonce, 50 Cent, Jennifer Lopez, and others. Later, I’d authored two books and counting, started a school and a non profit, hosting TV shows, interviewing some of my and your favorite celebrities, on the board of the Hartford Symphony Orchestra, speaking around the country and my story is continues…

"I believe that we have the power to change our lives
when we change our perspectives
and my goal is to help you do just that.


Everyone wants to know the secrets to happiness. Author June Archer lets us in on the secrets in his new book, "Yes! Every Day Can Be a Good Day". Currently at the helm of a growing multimedia marketing company as President and CEO of Eleven28 Entertainment, June Archer got his first exposure to the industry on the music scene behind the microphone. He soon realized that his dream would soon become a reality by successfully impacting the industry behind the scenes. Most recently he has added the credit of Executive Producer to his name with reality shows "The Docu-Tape" and "Behind The Unsigned" shows debuted on Fuse TV. He also co-produced motivational pre-game content for Sunday NFL Countdown on ESPN. With June's combined musical talents, experience in the entertainment industry and commitment to community, he is reaching for the stars and encouraging others to join him. "No goal is ever out of reach," June says. "Once you've realized your dream, that doesn't mean you stop. It just means you dream bigger."

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